Environmentally sustainable company at the 4th ESG Finance

Environmentally sustainable company at the 4th ESG Finance

Taisei Corporation (President: Yoshiro Aikawa) was selected as an “Environmentally Sustainable Company” at the 4th “ESG Finance Awards Japan” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment.

The ESG Finance Awards Japan are awarded to institutional investors, financial institutions, intermediaries, companies, etc. that have made an impact by actively engaging in ESG finance or environmental/social projects. Awarded by the Minister.

Of these, the “Environmentally Sustainable Corporate Category” selects companies that incorporate “significant environment-related opportunities and risks” into their management strategies, and that contribute to the improvement of corporate value while producing positive effects on the environment. Fifty-one companies, including our company, were selected in consideration of industry-specific characteristics regarding the degree of disclosure of “risks, business opportunities, strategies,” “KPIs,” and “governance” related to important environmental issues.

Environmentally sustainable company at the 4th ESG Finance

In April 2022, we will unify our organizational structure for sustainability management and establish the Sustainability Headquarters. At the same time, we will appoint the General Manager of the Sustainability Headquarters as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) to clarify responsibility for promoting sustainability within the Group. bottom.

In addition, we have revised our “Environmental Policy”, our long-term environmental targets “TAISEI Green Target 2050” and “Biodiversity Declaration” today, and will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable and environmentally friendly society through our business. .

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