Day for the care of cardiovascular health in women in CISI

Last Wednesday, March 8, an activity was held at the CISI (Interdisciplinary Center for Comprehensive Health) to commemorate Women’s Month, where professionals from the Cardiology Service conducted surveys, disseminated information, and provided information on the importance of cardiology check-ups in women.

Beyond the classic risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, among others), women also experience hormonal changes throughout their lives that can affect the risk of cardiovascular disease.

CVDs are the leading cause of death in women, to such an extent that 1 in 3 dies each year from this type of condition . They even cause more deaths than all forms of cancer combined, and yet only 44% recognize cardiovascular disease as their biggest health threat.

The initiative carried out by the CISI aims to raise awareness about this situation and preventive care, conveying the importance of periodic cardiological check-ups.

We continue working on activities that inform and promote the well-being and improvement in the quality of life of all!













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